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Assessment / Development Centre Design:

Skills’ professionals have the expertise in the objective and systematic measurement of how people perform “on the job”. Our carefully designed Assessment & Development Centers are the most effective, accurate and reliable tools, for assessing employees whether for selection or development, in both individual and group based environments.

We create and manage the whole process, providing a complete range of services and tools (from assessor training to exercise design) according to your organization’s needs and objectives.

What is an Assessment / Development Centre?

Assessment / Development centers are widely recognized as a systematic and rigorous means of identifying behavior for the purpose of recruitment, selection, promotion and development within the work place.

Assessment & Development processes usually involve the participation of candidates in a group taking part in a variety of exercises, (which simulate the activities carried out in the target job), observed by a team of trained assessors/observers, who evaluate each candidate against a number of predetermined, job-related behaviors. Data about candidates is shared between the assessors / observers at the end of the process and rated after a discussion amongst them. In the case of Development Centers, feedback is given to the candidates on their comparative strengths and weaknesses.