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(1 day)

Program Overview
This training program works on managing change and how to embrace it and view it as an inevitable and necessary part of professional and personal life. It deals with how to handle the fear some of us feel when change occurs, and challenges the underlying beliefs that keep people resisting change.  Participants will have the opportunity to recall times that change work best for them and will identify their personal patterns in change management. They will also learn how to face future changes with less anxiety.

Who should attend?

  • Personnel of all levels of the organization
  • Managers / Supervisors who are in charge of implementing changes within their organization and teams.

Learning Tracks

  • Types of Changes
  • Why we fear Change?
  • Stages of accepting Change
  • Patterns of dealing with Change
  • Anxiety management

Training Methodology
From the first moments of this workshop, participants face the unexpected and experience the various feelings that arise when change occurs. They are involved in a number of carefully designed exercises that illustrate the necessity of accepting and dealing with changes that occur suddenly or planned at work place and personal life. The learning process includes interactive discussions, games, and team projects, which built clear associations to change management.