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(1 day)

Program Overview
The program works on the realization of a basic attitude creative people have: “Creativity is not a talent. It can be acquired and practiced”.  It analyzes the meaning of creativity and the reasons why adults have lost a great part of it. Participants will engage in practical exercises and games that will allow them to practice five basic techniques that develop a creative mind and assist in finding innovative solutions to everyday work and personal problems.

Who should attend?

  • Personnel of all levels of the organization
  • Managers / Supervisors who lead teams and want to reinforce their members´ creativity skills.

Learning Tracks

  • How is Creativity defined?
  • Why be creative?
  • What inhibits creativity in adults?
  • Brain Hemispheres and Imagination
  • How to be creative: five basic techniques and processes
  • Let’s be creative now!

Training Methodology
From the first moments of this workshop, participants are engaged in a dynamic process of interactive discovery. They are involved in a number of carefully designed exercises that illustrate the necessity and benefits of creativity at work place and personal life. The learning process includes interactive discussions, problem solving, games, and team projects, which built clear associations to innovation and creativity.